Little adventures

Nothing makes me feel more insignificant than walking through the bush on a stormy day. The sound of the wind roaring through the trees and the rustling of the leaves. In one moment you feel like you have shrunk to half your size. Such perspective is good for the soul and seems to be the only time mine is truly content.

This time of year the Sakatas are deafening in parts. The kids get excited finding their empty shells all over the trees and shrubs. On rare occasions they are fast enough to catch a live one.

They run out in front in pursuit of any living creatures. Occasionally they will see a Koala or Echidna but more commonly in the warmer months it’s the blue tongue lizard they get the pleasure of catching, holding then letting go.

We are so blessed that our property is surrounded on three sides by Native Australia national park. We are sure to never take it for granted, spending hours walking every/if not most weekends surrounded by nothing but the sounds, sights and smell of nature.

On the way home the kids always collect bush treasure. Ranging from tree mushrooms to bird feathers and anything in between. Little imaginations run wild as they think of what they can create with the pieces they have collected. It usually just ends up being placed nicely at home under a group of trees they claim to be their cubby.

Carrying a small backpack with snacks and water there are no limitations on how far you go and how many new memories you make.(that is as long as your willing to give the occasional shoulder ride to your little ones)

This is an amazing family pass time that we look forward to every week and it doesn’t cost a thing. Get out in nature, treasure the little moments and find pleasure in the SIMPLE things in life.

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